• Private equity market FOF
    Since the establishment in 2009, Overture Wealth has started to select and invest into private equity market funds. Since 2015, Overture Wealth shifted focus from PE funds to VC funds. To date, Overture Wealth has invested more than 30 private equity funds of more than 20 GP partners, many of them are very succesful and profitable. Overture Wealth has now become one of the most active institutional investors in the private equity market of China.
  • Securities market FOF
    Overture Wealth founded a securities market FOF in 2017, prefer to select the management teams equipped with both systematic investment strategy and market proven performance, as well as deep understanding of the securities market. We believes in the philosophy of “small is beautiful”. To date, Overture Wealth has investigated more than 30 management teams, and selected the best ones among them to invest.
  • Direct deal investments fund
    By in-depth collaboration with GP partners in the private equity market, Overture Wealth keep tracking of hundreds of promising companies and sort the best projects to invest in, so as to avoid investment risks at early stage and get the advantages of investment pricing and timing.
  • Financial consulting for publicly listed companies
    Overture Wealth provides the capital market planning services to publicly listed companies,including merger and acquisition, additional shares issuance, stock option incentive plan and investor relations management, etc. Our founder began his career as investment advisor to publicly listed companies since 2005 and established one of the earliest boutique investment institutions in China. To date, Overture Wealth has provided above services to more than 30 listed companies, built a resource network of more than 100 publicly listed companies.
  • Connection with Silicon Valley
    From a global perspective, Overture Wealth dedicate to connect with the top GP and potential investment projects in Silicon Valley, providing our high-net-worth clients more options for their overseas asset allocation. Meanwhile, our firm also makes full use of the high-quality industry/investment/research resources of Silicon Valley, introduces outstanding foreign opportunities to China market. We will help these opportunities to be realized in local market and developed into profitable investment.